Blockchain for Document Revision

The Documentchain is a decentralized blockchain developed especially for document management. Descriptions and hash values of the document file are stored in the distributed database and can be compared with the document at a later time. This allows a tamper-proof confirmation that a document has not changed since then…

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Process of a document revision in the blockchain

The DMS Coin

To prevent masses of unnecessary data from overloading the blockchain, every transaction is associated with costs. This fee is charged in DMS Coins, the project´s own cryptocurrency, and distributed to the supporters of the network (Miner and Masternodes).

Name Documentchain
Symbol DMS
Max supply 21 Mio
Block time 6 Minutes
PoW-algorithm YescryptR32 (CPU mining)
Masternode 5,000 DMS Collateral
Premine 0 DMS
Mainnet 41319
Testnet 41419
Devnet 41417
Regtest 41418
RPC Mainnet 41320
RPC Testnet 41420
RPC Devnet 41427
RPC Regtest 41428