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Menu commands and other controls

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Request payment

Short description: Request a payment.

To find

In the Wallet main window. On the tab Receive.

Example of a payment transaction

To request a payment, you can notify the debtor of any of your receiving addresses or use this form.
For example, "Bob owes Alice 100 DMS Coins":

A. Request payment

  1. Alice fills in the required fields and clicks on Request payment.
  2. In the dialog, Alice finds the payment URI next to the address. She clicks Copy URI and closes the window.
  3. For example, she adds the URI with Ctrl+V to an e-mail and send it to Bob.

B. Make the Payment

  1. Bob copies the URI to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) - for example, from the received mail.
  2. In his wallet he selects the menu command File | Open URI and paste the URI with Ctrl+V.
  3. After clicking on OK, the wallet automatically opens the tab Send and fills the fields with the data from the URI - with the data Alice had previously entered in the "Request payment" form.
  4. Bob checks the data and can make the payment by clicking the Send button.

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